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I started volunteering with IRR in early 2020, just in time to help launch our MADWISH 1-1 English program. Originally an opportunity for local Singaporeans to ‘Make a Difference While I Stay at Home’, we rapidly grew to also become a crucial support system for isolated migrant brothers under strict pandemic lockdowns. MADWISH’s multitude of volunteer teachers have made a real and direct impact through their personal gifts: patient explanations in a mother tongue, a special treat of home-cooked comfort food, or simply a listening ear once a week. Now our ‘students’ can more easily navigate life in SG and have the chance to upskill in their careers because of increased confidence and capability in English. Along with our unflappable core team, we’ve witnessed the power of this simple bridge of communication, and we are proud to be a part of IRR’s continued efforts to build community and connections across Singapore.

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