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If you are a student looking for ways to help out the migrant worker community or just to give back, we have the opportunities for you. You can choose to join us on any of our three tracks – internships, project volunteers, or teacher-led initiatives. At ItsRainingRaincoats, we have our dedicated youth wing, NextGen that’s focused on activating youths keen to help migrant workers and make a difference in the community. We’re looking for youths who are proactive and enthusiastic, and are looking for opportunities to interact with or leave an impact on the overall wellbeing of our migrant workers here in Singapore. Experienced IRR mentors will also be on hand to help out your internships and projects. If you would like to intern with us or spend your school holidays in a meaningful way, you can consider joining NextGen.

Write in to us at [email protected] to explore further how you can be involved.


IRR has been involved heavily in highlighting the migrant workers situation through talks in various educational institutions across Singapore. Additionally, many schools and colleges give IRR their support every year by participating in our many drives and volunteering activities. If your school or educational institution would like to get involved, do write to us at [email protected] to learn how you can contribute.

Please email us at : [email protected]
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