Hear from them


Get to know first hand what our migrant workers have to say about our events and efforts. Knowing that we have made a difference in the lives of our migrant workers is the greatest driving force behind everything we do.

Hear from them


Learn more about our volunteers’ diverse experiences here at ItsRainingRaincoats through these testimonials below. Be inspired to join us through their stories!


I've been a volunteer at IRR since 2020. Volunteering at IRR allows me to give back to the migrant worker community that has helped to build the spaces that we live, work and play at. I've had the opportunity to volunteer at some amazing projects and events that IRR has organized over the past few years. Yet oftentimes I realise we really don't need to do alot - greeting the migrant workers when we see them on our way to work, thanking them for their hard work, or simply buying them a drink - is all it takes to see the sparkle in their eyes....read more


Each time I pass the bag of unsold food from Starbucks to the Migrant Workers, I could see the sparkles in their eyes and smiles on their faces. This makes my weekly Starbucks run so meaningful and oh so satisfying😀😍...read more


I’ve been a IRR volunteer for abt 2 years now. It’s been a real joy working alongside a team of committed, dedicated and fun loving volunteers. There are many fuss free and easy ways to contribute with IRR. Donate a meal, be an usher for our flyer trips, befriend and keep in touch with workers. There’s always something for everyone. A personal highlight was definitely starting the IRR NextGen Youth Wing with a group of mentors. It’s great to see youths across all ages wanting to make a difference to our migrant brothers - a necessary step towards a more cohesive and inclusive Singapore. ...read more


I started volunteering with IRR in early 2020, just in time to help launch our MADWISH 1-1 English program. Originally an opportunity for local Singaporeans to 'Make a Difference While I Stay at Home', we rapidly grew to also become a crucial support system for isolated migrant brothers under strict pandemic lockdowns. MADWISH's multitude of volunteer teachers have made a real and direct impact through their personal gifts: patient explanations in a mother tongue, a special treat of home-cooked comfort food, or simply a listening ear once a week. Now our 'students' can more easily navigate life in SG and have the chance to upskill in their careers because of increased confidence and capability in English. Along with our unflappable core team, we've witnessed the power of this simple bridge of communication, and we are proud to be a part of IRR's continued efforts to build community and connections across Singapore. ...read more


My journey with IRR started during the pandemic with Madwish. First with some English lessons to interested people. Then moved on to helping in food drives during festivals, donations of pre-loved items, flyer rides, and so on. Today IRR is a big part of my life. I love working with the extremely committed group of volunteers. A couple of instances stand out in my memory. One, where we helped a worker fund his son’s treatment and another one where I taught a worker’s daughter English. One message of appreciation and happiness from the workers on a job done makes my day! ...read more


It’s been an amazing and fruitful journey being a part of Itsrainingraincoats especially the initial part of COVID circuit breaker. We are the first line of help to these migrant brothers who do not have ready access to day to day necessities which we all have. These migrant brothers’ happiness is a driving force for me — love seeing their happy faces at the end of the day! ...read more

Usha Subrahmanyam

Volunteering at IRR is about making an impact with simple initiatives bringing joy to the migrant workers who form a vital yet vulnerable part of Singapore society. Working closely with super charged volunteers and bringing care with creativity, touching the pulse of the migrant worker community gives enormous fulfillment. An interesting encounter - I once chanced upon a worker who shared with me on how important it is to create a passive income and then went to speak lengths about Block Chain technology, leaving me astounded....read more

Mei Yee Chia

My first event with IRR was Deepavali Drive in 2019.. And I enjoy volunteering with IRR because everyone are so supportive and i was a lot of freedom to help Migrant Workers..it is a very rare opportunity for me to get so close with Migrant Workers and I really appreciate it..Knowing their basic salary of $500 per month, working from 8am to 9pm daily, and Sundays from 8am to 5pm..with no day off, all because of wanting to earn overtime, which less than $5/hour.. it makes me want to help them even more. Most of them are very kind and will not take things for granted..they even want to volunteer with IRR to give back. This makes me want to continue what i do with IRR...read more

Ruchi Trivedi

My journey with ItsRainingRaincoats started back in 2017. One of the reasons I wanted to volunteer for the work they did was because the activities allowed to directly interact with the beneficiaries. And for me, the migrant worker cause became important as it resonated with my younger self, moving abroad to study, work and build a life, and the challenges that brought. For our migrant worker brothers, these challenges are compounded many times over. Through my work over the years, I have come across so many bright and wonderful minds who come to Singapore as migrant workers - and they are as diverse as you and I - young, old, ambitious, misdirected, talented, technical, mischievous, compassionate - and it has been a thorough pleasure to help them navigate their life here in Singapore. Every small or big opportunity to help them is always received with gratitude and a promise to give back to others. How can one not support these wonderful men. I have also met the nicest, kindest and most compassionate and generous of Singaporeans. The whole journey with ItsRainingRaincoats, through our most challenging times last year - has only enriched my life. What keeps me going is the inspiring leadership we have with Dipa at the helm, the wonderful people I meet, as well as regular signs that providence is on this path with us - incidents finding a christmas gift with a brand new tshirt in your gym bag when you meet a worker with a torn shirt, or a donor with 200 safety shoes when you’ve just had some workers reach out for a few pairs - just cannot be coincidence!...read more

Feryal Karmally

I reached out to IRR in January 2019 and by March I was working 8 hours a day through the first few months of covid-19. It was a difficult time for migrant workers and IRR tried to cope with the new demands. With all the adversity they face, a lot of migrant workers have the determination to uplift the lives of their families. They are touched if we can help them in big and small ways. To me their gratitude is a reminder of what each one of us has to be thankful for. Having worked on several cases, my most satisfying case has been to recuperate $10,000 for a worker with a pro bono lawyer on the team. The migrant worker took us out for breakfast when the money was given to him. This is what keeps us going day after day knowing that we can make a difference in an individual’s life in a small way....read more