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My journey with ItsRainingRaincoats started back in 2017. One of the reasons I wanted to volunteer for the work they did was because the activities allowed to directly interact with the beneficiaries. And for me, the migrant worker cause became important as it resonated with my younger self, moving abroad to study, work and build a life, and the challenges that brought. For our migrant worker brothers, these challenges are compounded many times over.
Through my work over the years, I have come across so many bright and wonderful minds who come to Singapore as migrant workers – and they are as diverse as you and I – young, old, ambitious, misdirected, talented, technical, mischievous, compassionate – and it has been a thorough pleasure to help them navigate their life here in Singapore. Every small or big opportunity to help them is always received with gratitude and a promise to give back to others. How can one not support these wonderful men.
I have also met the nicest, kindest and most compassionate and generous of Singaporeans. The whole journey with ItsRainingRaincoats, through our most challenging times last year – has only enriched my life.
What keeps me going is the inspiring leadership we have with Dipa at the helm, the wonderful people I meet, as well as regular signs that providence is on this path with us – incidents finding a christmas gift with a brand new tshirt in your gym bag when you meet a worker with a torn shirt, or a donor with 200 safety shoes when you’ve just had some workers reach out for a few pairs – just cannot be coincidence!

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