Here's how you can contribute to make Deepavali festive for our migrant worker brothers.

Deepavali Drive & Distribute

On (Specify date), we plan to do a drive by distributing food to the workers around (specify time).
You can either order a pizza or samosas to be delivered to our address or just pick up a few boxes of pizzas that we have already ordered.
Volunteers are welcome to assist with distributions, volunteers with cars particularly welcome.
We are grateful to (Company/sponsorship) who are also sponsoring pizzas and samosas for this event.


Deepavali Treats & Care Packs

Food and Communal Sharing are hallmarks of any holiday, as it is with Deepavali.
Please consider sponsoring meals, sweets or chocolates, or care packs for our migrant worker brothers as a festive treat.
We have workers in groups of 5 persons to 200 persons, so you can get together with your friends and family and let us know how many workers you would like to support.


Donate to Giving.sg

You may also choose to donate to the Giving.sg campaign. The funds are used to purchase essential items like meals, groceries, and utility purchases (hair trimmers, cookers, phones, data topups, etc) for migrant workers as identified by ItsRainingRaincoats.


If you wish to discuss a financial contribution, kindly email corporate_enquiries@itsrainingraincoats.com.

For any other queries, kindly email admin@itsrainingraincoats.com